What you'll learn

Dare to Care takes a holistic approach. We start looking at how life on earth works to understand planetary health. For that, we use knowledge from the fields of ecology, systems theory, permaculture, and earth sciences.

Then we extract the key pillars of planetary health and apply them to business and innovation. For that, we use cutting edge practices in leadership and management that have been developed at top universities and tried and tested in the most innovative companies.

To understand companies, we need to understand people. That's why our next stop is to really understand human potential and creativity.

Lastly, we make it personal. We look at individual purpose and, using several exercises, make it practical and tangible.

After having completed Dare to Care, you will

  • have a great base-level understanding of ecology and planetary health
  • know and understand the basic principles of life
  • and be able to practically apply them to business
  • see how we are part of nature
  • know the principles that lead to innovation
  • have a great general understanding of human emotion and motivation
  • be a better leader
  • be able to understand climate discussions better
  • understand yourself better
  • know your direction in life

This list may sound like a wide spectrum but I can assure you, all of it is connected and you will experience it as such in the course.

Approach: Zoom out to zoom in.

We first zoom out all the way to the planetary level because he or she who doesn't understand their environment cannot understand themselves. From there, we will gradually zoom in until we get to the individual level.

Your Instructor

Jorim Holtey-Weber is a coach, university lecturer, and psychologist with a passion for regenerating the planet through effective leadership and management practices. He specializes in the intersection of ecology, systems theory, leadership, health, and personal development and applies this knowledge to help individuals and organizations create positive impact and innovate sustainably. Jorim is committed to helping students become better leaders and create a more sustainable and regenerative world.

Natural Ecosystems

We'll look at the Principles of Nature and understand how they create more life over time rather than depleting the planet's resources.

Human Organizations

We'll look at different structures that organizations can implement to be more aligned with life, to be more innovative, to be more creative, and a better place to work at.

Personal Development

We'll discover your purpose and make it practical so that you have a solid guideline for your life.


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  Chapter 5
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Let's Create a Better Tomorrow Together!

What do my students say?

"Thank you! This was a wonderful experience!!"

"A very insightful experience!"

"the idea stuck with me that 'leadership is not about one person, but the person and their ecosystem'."

"Very relevant to have started by deepening the idea of healthy ecosystems."

"As a future doctor, I know that my role in a more regenerative society is incredibly important, and that had never occurred to me before I partook in this course. People will come to me for help and advice in regards to something so precious (their health), and health is very much connected to regeneration, so I believe that it will be my role to encourage ways of a more regenerative life for these people and perhaps, in this way, I can help their inner beings as well as their physical selves."

"I feel that many times we forget the great impact we have in our environment, and moreover, the interconnectedness between us and it. The regenerative design framework was important to connect this idea with practice, since it’s the highest level of positively influencing an ecosystem"

What to Expect


Some things are just best expressed in writing.


Videos of me explaining the key concepts. All of the videos include subtitles and a written summary.


At times, exercises are the best tool to bring across new learning.

Let's Create a Better Tomorrow Together!


Q: Who is this course designed for?

A: This course is designed for anyone interested in learning about systems thinking and its practical applications in innovation and leadership, including entrepreneurs, architects, engineers, urban planners, sustainability professionals, and students.

Q: Do I need any prior knowledge or experience to enrol in this course?

A: No prior knowledge or experience is required. Come curious and you'll be fine.

Q: How is the course delivered?

A: The course is delivered entirely online through Teachable's website and app. You will have access to the course materials and resources, including video lectures, readings, and exercises.

Q: How long is the course, and what is the time commitment?

A: The course consists of five chapters and is designed to be completed in a couple of weeks. The estimated time commitment is around 10 hours.

Q: Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

A: To receive a certificate of completion, please email [email protected] with your name and I'll be happy to send you a digital certificate.

Q: Is financial aid available for the course fee?

A: On individual basis, free access may be granted. Please contact jorim@emergetoprosper.

Let's Create a Better Tomorrow Together!